About us

The Pack & Go Trademark is Ukraine’s first manufacturer of insulated Lunch Bags.
We created water-repellent, machine-washable Lunch Bags that hold heat and have a rather stylish design because we know that:

  • over 70% of office workers bring their lunch to work from home.
  • food in schools, kindergartens and universities isn’t always of the best quality.
  • athletes and people who lead a healthy lifestyle need to stick to a diet, meaning that food has to remain fresh throughout the day.

At Pack & Go, we value quality, practicality and comfort foremost. We are constantly improving our product by listening to customer feedback, so that you can enjoy your favorite meal wherever.

Yana Burova
(founder & owner)

I can't stress how much I value customer appreciation and the fact that I got the opportunity to turn my ideas and creativity into products that actually help people. My business isn’t just a means of existence or self-realization for me. Pack & Go is a lifestyle! It is vitally important for me that our Lunch Bags allow people to take food with them wherever they go – comfortable, healthy, stylish and without the shame!